ENETS Conferences in 2020

1st World NET Forum - A Forum in Basic, Translational and Global NET Aspects

Session 1: Models in NET Research

Keynote address: Unravelling entero-endocrine differentiation with organoid models

  • Zebra-fish models in tumor mechanisms and in guiding therapy: potential adaptability to NET
  • 2-D Models - Differentiation of intestinal NET endocrine cell phenotypes
  • Establishing a reliable well differentiated NET tumor model


Session 2: NET Tumor Biology Advances

Keynote address: Understanding tumor biology of NEN by integrated genomic analysis

RNAs and all their variants in NET tumor biology: update and relevance
Epigenetics in elaborating novel biomarkers
DAXX regulation and function and therapeutic implications in pancreatic NET
Mechanisms of RB loss in neuroendocrine carcinoma


Session 3: Therapeutic Advances in NET

Keynote address: Deciphering NET tumor invasiveness to potentiate real therapy candidates

CAR-T cell technology advances in NET Therapy
Mechanisms of resistance to PRRT and overcoming these
Molecular landscape and clinical implications in NEN


Session 4: Novel Areas in NET Diagnostics and Therapy

Keynote address: Precision oncological approach in neuroendocrine tumors (lessons from NET and other cancers)

Estrogen & progesterone receptors in neuroendocrine tumors - overtones with breast cancer and potential future applications
New radionuclides for improved diagnosis and therapy of NET


10th Annual ENETS Postgraduate Course

Preliminary Programme

Session 1: Tips and Tricks in NET Diagnosis

  • Medical history and clinical presentation
  • Biochemical diagnosis
  • Radiology
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Pathology


Session 2: Management of Common Clinical Scenarios

  • Toxicity of systemic therapies (chemotherapy and targeted agents): prevention, monitoring and treatment
  • Optimal syndrome control in functioning PNETs
  • Rectal NEN: optimal staging / endoscopic vs surgical management
  • Carcinoid heart disease: when is the optimal time to intervene


Session 3: Controversial Therapeutic Approaches in NEN

  • Active surveillance: is it still an option?
  • PRRT role in non-GEP NETs
  • Liver Transplantation: when is it really the best option?
  • Immunotherapy: will it have a role in NENs?
  • Pheochromocytoma and paragangliomas: from genetic diversity to targeted therapies


Session 4: Learn from the Experts: Live MDT



17th Annual ENETS Conference

Preliminary Programme

Session 1: Cutting-edge Research

  • Genomics around the globe in Cancer care: opportunities for NEN
  • Precision medicine in NEN - where are we exactly now?
  • Artificial intelligence in future direction of NET / Artificial intelligence for precision oncology: beyond patient stratification


Session 2: EANM (European Association of Nuclear Medicine) / ENETS Joint Session

  • Dosing and Treatment schedules
  • Assessing response to PRRT
  • Re-challenging with PRRT
  • EANM guidelines - outcome FOCUS 3


Session 3: Multidisciplinary Management

  • Clinical scenario: intestinal NET
  • Clinical scenario: pancreas
  • Discussion with multidisciplinary panel


Session 4: Multidisciplinary Management

  • Clinical s- Intestinal NET
  • Clinical scenario – Pancreas
  • MDT panel


Session 5: Update on Clinical Trials across the Globe and Presidential Abstracts 2020

  • Asia-Pacific
  • USA and Canada
  • Europe


Session 6: Pitfalls or “How Not to Do It”  

  • Surgery
  • Radiology
  • Pathology
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Oncology
  • Endocrinology


Session 7A: Rare Case Scenarios: DIPNECH and MiNEN

  • MiNEN: pathology and clinical aspects
  • DIPNECH: pathology and clinical aspects


Session 7B: Basic Science Abstract Session


Session 8A: Clinical Science Abstract Session


Session 8B: CoE Exchange


Session 9: What’s New in 2019/2020 and Abstract Highlights

  • Best Abstracts Resume / Top 10 ENETS Abstracts
  • Translational NET Research Update


Interactive Workshops:

  • What do you need to know from the endocrinologist in order to manage sporadic and hereditary endocrine neoplasms?
  • Surgical perspective in NENs
  • How to successfully apply for an ENETS grant


Nurses Symposium


Annual ENETS Conference Programme

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1st World NET Forum programme

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