Covid statement

For on-site participants

at the Annual ENETS Conference and World NET Forum

ENETS is carefully monitoring developments related to the covid-19 pandemic and follows the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institut in Germany, the German health authorities, the Spanish and Catalan health authorities as well as WHO recommendations.

ENETS takes the safety and security of its on-site participants, faculty, colleagues, friends, partners, and staff seriously. Security during the physical event will be stringent. ENETS will require proof of vaccination/immunity (only vaccines as authorised by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be accepted), or proof of recovery from a covid infection. Please ensure that your vaccination or status of recovery is also in line with the Spanish and Catalan rules and regulations pertaining to Covid – these may be subject to change based on the development of the pandemic. All on-site faculty and participants will be required to wear masks at the event.

Please note that travel and on-site conference participation is undertaken at the individual’s own risk and ENETS cannot be held responsible for your safety or liable for any damages.

We will keep you updated with the information closer to the conference dates. Please also additionally inform yourself prior to travelling.

Continue to keep safe and well!

With kind regards,

ENETS Office