Sponsors and Exhibitors

The European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (ENETS) welcomes exhibitors and sponsors to the 1st World NET Forum, the 10th Annual ENETS Postgraduate Course and the 17th Annual ENETS Conference. We expect more than 1,500 participants to attend in 2020. These participants represent every medical discipline related to the diagnosis and treatment of neuroendocrine tumor disease (NET) and include gastroenterology, oncology, endocrinology, nuclear medicine, pathology, radiology and surgery. Physicians, nurses and researchers attend ENETS annual conferences. The conference programmes have been designed to present the most current advances in NET disease research. These highly interactive gatherings also provide you with a platform to share your unique NET insights, research and products.

Our FAQs contain information on what you’ll find at the conference, as well as ways to assist us as a supporter and exhibitor. With your participation, we will further the cause of NET disease management and treatment in an ever-changing medical world.

ENETS supports the medical community via education, grants and scholarships to promising NET-dedicated specialists. We are the only medical society in Europe to offer a comprehensive education programme on NET disease.

In addition to making this conference possible, your support encourages research, mentorship, and helps to develop the next generation of NET specialists.

Please read the FAQs for Sponsors and Exhibitors to find out about the benefits of being involved! This document also provides information about exhibitor booths & fees, floor plans, deadlines, technical services, conference blackout times and much more. If you have any further questions, you can contact us at info@enets.org.

Sponsor FAQ

Our FAQ section for sponsors of the 17th Annual ENETS Conference.

Exhibitor FAQ

Our FAQ section for exhibitors of the 17th Annual ENETS Conference.

General FAQ

Our FAQ section provides information about the 17th Annual ENETS Conference.