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ENETS Abstract Submission for the 15th Annual ENETS Conference:


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Please note that the deadline for abstract submission is 3 December 2017 (23:59:00hrs CET) for the 15th Annual ENETS Conference, Barcelona 7-9 March 2018.

Abstract Guidelines

Please download the ENETS Abtract Guidelines here. 

ENETS Scientific Program 2018

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Conference E-Poster Guidelines

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Conference Poster (Paper) Guidelines

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Important Notice:

In preparation of the upcoming ENETS Barcelona 2018 Annual Conference, we have discovered in the world wide web at least one professional entity suggestive of possessing an ENETS mandate for conference registrations. Therefore, we must inform you that 100% of all conference participants are registered through ENETS official website www.enets.org and http://enetsconference.org/. There are no further options to validly register for Barcelona 2018 (or for any other ENETS event).

Please stay away from fraudulent scams abusing the ENETS acronym to register – and charge you above official ENETS conference fees! Such entities, against whom ENETS presses criminal charges, are neither authorized, nor commissioned nor instructed by ENETS to make such representations.